New High-Precision, High-Volume Lens Assembly Capability

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Lens Assembly

February 5, 2016, Rochester, New York – Melles Griot continues to expand its high-precision lens assembly manufacturing with the acquisition of the state-of-the-art alignment turning station ATS 200 from TRIOPTICS. This new machine has been successfully integrated into its precision optics facility, and is now fully operational for cost-effective volume production of high-performance microscope objectives and other precision lenses.

Frank Dewitt, Director of Engineering at Melles Griot, led the integration of the first ATS 200 installed in North America into the company’s manufacturing facility last year.  He said, “We are already very busy developing new products around the alignment turning technology, and we expect it to facilitate expansion of our primary markets in the future. We are using this process for one of our high-end high-NA microscope objectives, and it has surpassed our expectations, yielding superior and highly repeatable imaging performance. This new technology nicely complements our proprietary Exact Placement lens assembly technology, which we routinely use for the most demanding micron tolerance systems.”

Turan Erdogan, Site Leader at Melles Griot, remarked, “We can now offer custom microscope objectives from prototype to higher-volume production quantities at prices previously achieved by only very high-volume standard objectives.  This capability is an ideal solution for life science and medical imaging applications like high-content-screening, digital pathology, and DNA sequencing, as well as for inspection and metrology applications in semiconductor and industrial markets.” Coupled with expert system design and extensive optical metrology, it will enable Melles Griot to increase its capacity and deliver its highly-engineered custom solutions at competitive pricing.

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