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Melles Griot Light Sources

Since its beginnings in 1979, the Melles Griot Light Sources Group has been a premier manufacturer of laser-based light sources with a customer-centric philosophy that delivers the exact solution our customers need. More than thirty years and nearly 3 million units later, Melles Griot is widely known as a stable, reliable source of laser-based components, electro-optical assemblies, and multi-laser light engines to the global marketplace.

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Melles Griot Optical Systems

Melles Griot is the market leader in providing “enabling” optical systems, vertically integrated from components through system design, manufacturing and metrology. We work closely with your team in a solution-oriented partnership to deliver a competitive performance advantage with accelerated time to market and supply chain reliability. Our expertise in optical and mechanical design, optical fabrication, coating, metrology, and high precision assembly, combined with a global manufacturing base, uniquely positions Melles Griot to provide the highest performance optical solutions for a wide range of applications. 

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Melles Griot Optical Shutters

Melles Griot offers opto-mechanical shutters for your product or application, plus the commitment for total collaboration and support that only we can deliver. You need a partner who understands your complete optical system, and how to work with you to achieve the optimum design for both performance and manufacturability. You benefit from our deep expertise in optical systems and our design-for-manufacture approach that ensures your solution delivers the reliability, quality, and performance required by your application. It’s proven technology, uniquely adapted to your needs.

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