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Melles Griot offers comprehensive, world-class capabilities for design, manufacture and life-cycle support of laser and optical components. Our engineers and technical staff have years of product, application and process experience, and they work collaboratively with you to bring your product to market successfully.

Global manufacturing and supply chain management are key capabilities that enable us to support your product development efforts with direct access to technical advice and local customer service and manufacturing. Our world-class manufacturing centers are located around the globe: USA, British Isles, Japan, and Korea. We have sales offices and distribution centers across North America, Europe, and Asia, and we have senior engineering and design teams at all major locations. We have also developed an extensive network of internal and external suppliers worldwide, allowing us to tailor the supply chain strategy to your production volumes and cost targets.

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Melles Griot combines advanced optical technology with decades of experience to create custom-engineered optical systems.  

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Our services include:

Custom engineering – Custom designed laser, optical systems and shutters for OEMs, to meet specific requirements for performance, manufacturability, cost and quality.

Design Collaboration – Partnering with you from the start, so manufacturability is designed-in.

New product development – Working with your development teams to bring new products to launch.

Prototyping – Creating first versions and proofs of concept.

Volume manufacturing – Providing continuing manufacturing of the photonic components of your product, supported by global manufacturing facilities and supply chains.

Compliance and Certification – Product and manufacturing certification for ISO, CE, IEC, WEEE and other international standards.