Compact and Efficient Diode Laser Modules

• Superior beam pointing stability 
• Low optical noise characteristics 
• Excellent power stability over operation temperature 
• Internal or external interchangeable controller versions 
• Circular or elliptical output 
• Wide range of wavelengths 
• Closed loop power stability 
• RS232 and USB interface 
• Adjustable power 
• Analog and digital modulation

Diode laser modules provide extremely compact and reliable sources of laser light with minimal heat generation and maximum resistance to mechanical shock and vibration. Most operate in a single longitudinal mode and provide linearly polarized output.

STANDARD DIODE LASER SYSTEMS provide excellent output power and pointing stability from an ultra-compact laser head. This is achieved through state-of-the art thermal management and hermetic sealing, which improves performance and reliability in harsh environments.

CUSTOM DIODE LASER SYSTEMS for OEM applications can be configured for direct analog and/or digital modulation, eliminating the cost, complexity and alignment challenges associated with external modulators. We also specialize in custom-tailored beam profiles that deliver the precise spot you need at the point of work, dramatically reducing system complexity and cost—and significantly improving system performance.

xDD and CRH Ultra

Standard WavelengthsOutput Power
405 nm100 mW
442 nm40 mW
488 nm45 mW
515 nm15 mW
640 nm100 mW
Typical Specifications
Beam Pointing Stability< 10 μrad/ºC
Power Drift< 2% over 8 hours
Optical Noise< 0.5% RMS 20Hz to 2MHz
Beam DeliveryFree Space


Standard WavelengthsOutput Power
405 nm200 mW
445 nm80 mW
488 nm150 mW
515 nm60 mW
642 nm100 mW
Typical Specifications
Beam Pointing Stability< 5 μrad/ºC
Power Drift± 1% over 8 hours (± 3°C)
Optical Noise< 0.1% RMS 20Hz to 2MHz
Beam DeliveryFree Space


Standard WavelengthsOutput Power
405 nm50 mW
445 nm40 mW
488 nm50 mW
515 nm25 mW
642 nm50 mW

Typical Specifications
Power Drift± 2% over 8 hours (± 3°C)
Optical Noise< 0.2% RMS 20Hz to 2MHz
Beam DeliveryFiber Delivered (SM or PM)

Diode Laser Modules

xxDD diode lasers offer excellent OEM performance. The interchangeable universal controller allows for high speed analog and digital modulation capabilities.

CRH Ultra diode lasers offer superior beam pointing stability, very low optical noise, and excellent power stability controlled by an internal analog laser controller.

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CRN & CFx Series 
The new 56-CRN and 57-CFx series diode laser systems provide excellent beam performance, pointing stability, low optical noise with high speed modulation and USB interface capability from a compact self-contained package. A unique design allowing Melles Griot to customize the laser beam parameters to simplify your optical system design requirements providing flexibility to focus on core competencies. Optional controller box available for CDRH compliant requirements. 

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