Field-proven Beam-combining Solutions

If your application requires the integration of multiple light sources, Melles Griot offers a field-proven experience base to help you. Figure 1 represents a conventional beam-combining approach.

Lasers are mounted in conjunction with beam-conditioning optics to deliver the required spot size at the working location. This may include optical isolators, modulation components, spectral filters and / or polarization rotators. Optics and mounts for beam-steering and beam combining are required, both of which must be precisely located and maintained over time and temperature to deliver stable performance. The high component count adds cost by way of a higher purchased-part count, supply chain complexities, inventory carrying cost, quality control costs, assembly time, tolerance stack-up and optical efficiency. The completed assembly must maintain its alignment over time and temperature – wherever and whenever your customer chooses to operate it.  

Figure 2 represents a laser cartridge-based approach. This is particularly effective if you have an application where you need to add laser wavelengths to an existing system in the field. 

By purchasing an integrated system, consisting of a laser, beam conditioning optics, polarization and spectral control, modulation components (if required) and beam-steering into a precision-aligned cartridge, your components count is dramatically reduced. The time you spend procuring, inspecting assembling and testing drops considerably, and field serviceability improves exponentially. The end result is a plug-and-play cartridge that delivers the wavelength and power you want, at a defined point in space, reliably and precisely over time, temperature and shipping and handling.

Figure 3 represents the ultimate in integrated light engines. A significant departure from “bolt-together” light engines, this is a completely monolithic, hands-free approach. 

The hermetically sealed design, combined with our patented beam-combiner and ground-breaking mechanical design results in rock-solid stability when subjected to mechanical shock, vibration and temperature changes. All laser, polarization control, spectral control and beam steering components are held at the same temperature in an ultra-compact package, which delivers pointing stability better than 5 µrad per ºC, ultra-low optical noise and outstanding power stability. Customized beam profiles, focal distances and modulation parameters are available per your OEM requirements. 

Whether you need individual lasers, a cartridge-based approach or a fully integrated multi-laser light engine, Melles Griot has tried-and-true platforms that can be quickly custom-configured for OEM requirements. 

Our design process incorporates extensive design validation including mechanical shock and vibration, thermal and humidity testing, regulatory approvals and certifications as appropriate for the configuration and packaging design to ensure robust and reliable performance.

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