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Melles Griot continuously maintains an extensive depth of technological and applications expertise. Our seasoned design and development teams represent disciplines in laser physics, optical design, thin-film coating technology, mechanical and thermal management, electronics, software development, manufacturing, and quality engineering. In total, more than a third of our employees are highly qualified engineers and scientists. We maintain a portfolio of more the 125 patents, 100 of which are in solid-state laser technology.


Software tools such as Solid EdgeTM, AutoCADTM, SolidWorksTM and Zemax®, along with other finite element analysis methods, are just a small sampling of our software tools. These tools, combined with extensive training in project management methods and documented design-verification-testing protocol, result in innovative and robust designs that withstand the test of time.

At Melles Griot, our long-term relationships with market leaders and innovators in Life Sciences, Medical, Scientific, Analytical Instrumentation, Industrial, Semiconductor and Aerospace / Defense communities around the word help us understand the product performance attributes that are important to your application. As a result, we work as an extension of your design team, keeping you current on the latest in laser technology.


Wavelengths range from the ultraviolet through the near-infrared, with delivered power up to 3 Watts. We also design and manufacture laser-based light engines, lasers, beam conditioning, beam steering, polarization control, thin-film filters, mechanics and control electronics. Reliable assemblies require manufacturing to sub-micron and micro-radian tolerances — among our key competencies. Incorporating “light engines” into your instrument designs dramatically shorten product development time lines, significantly improves system performance, shortens the supply chain, reduces field service costs, and minimizes production complexities.

Beam delivery options include precision-focused spots, custom-tailored spot geometries, and fiber optic beam delivery to maximize your installation and service options. Logistics and service arrangements including safety stock, kanban, rotating service spares and global pricing and service help to ensure that you have the right light sources in the right locations at the right time.

Many of our products are designed to facilitate field installation through the use of fiber optic beam delivery or mechanical means, including alignment pins, or pre-aligned mounting brackets. These custom package configurations can significantly reduce field service costs and help you maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.


Our facilities are equipped with clean rooms certified to as much as Class 100 for critical processes. Current production lines accommodate unit volumes well in excess of 250,000 per year are highly scalable as demand dictates.

Melles Griot is vertically integrated for close control of the most critical components while minimizing production lead-times. Dedicated ion-assisted ion beam sputtering coating chambers deliver the proprietary steep-cutoff and notch bandwidth coatings that control unit-to-unit consistency and spectral performance—and deliver highly efficient and compact laser sources for a variety of applications.

Cavity optical substrates are super-polished to within 2-angstroms of surface roughness. Critical components are handled in accordance with the strict cleanliness standards of the ultra-high vacuum and computer hard drive industries. Coating scatter is verified using a cavity ring-down technique to ensure higher efficiency products and minimal heat generation and cooling requirements.


Factory floor bar coding allows for statistical process control and lot tracking for critical components during the manufacturing process. Automated data acquisition and testing are incorporated and networked throughout our facilities to maximize production efficiency. This facilitates in-process characterization and subassembly and accommodates final assembly and performance verification to ensure repeatability, high throughput, and accuracy.


New products are developed using our quality management and formalized product launch process. Each product goes through very specific phases of proof-of-concept, validation of key specifications, production repeatability, and reliability analysis prior to release to the marketplace. To facilitate this process, Melles Griot incorporates automatic design verification testing. New designs receive rigorous environmental testing including key parameters such as power stability, optical noise, beam pointing, polarization and beam quality measured over time and temperature and under mechanical shock and vibration conditions.

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