Stable, Reliable Solid-state Laser Sources

• Superior beam pointing stability 
• Low optical noise characteristics 
• Excellent power stability over operating temperature 
• Low power consumption 
• Long lifetime solid state design 
• Closed loop power stability 
• Fiber optic or free space delivery 
• RS232 interface

Melles Griot first began manufacturing DPSS lasers in 1999. These devices provide compact and reliable sources of laser light with minimal heat generation and maximum resistance to mechanical shock and vibration.

Standard DPSS Laser Systems from Melles Griot provide excellent output power and pointing stability from a compact laser head. This is achieved through state-of-the art thermal management and current control, which improves performance and reliability in harsh environments.

Fiber Optic Beam Delivery is available for most products, in addition to free-space beam delivery. With fiber core sizes of approximately 4 microns, maintaining alignment, and the resulting power efficiency and stability can be challenging. Melles Griot addresses this by incorporating the fiber launch components inside the laser head, and maintaining them at the same temperature as the laser itself. The result is stable power and efficient coupling; over time, over temperature, and during mechanical shock and vibration.

WavelengthDesired Power
457 nm300 mW
488 nm50 mW
532 nm - Low Power20 mW
532 nm - High Power3 Watts
561 nm50 mW
Typical Specifications (model dependent)
Beam Pointing< 5 μrad / ºC
Power Drift< 2% over 8 hours
Optical Noise< 0.5% RMS 20Hz to 2MHz
Beam Delivery

Free Space of Fiber Delivered

Solid-state Laser Sources

85-BXX SERIES, 488 nm 
Excellent, repeatable beam diameters reduce integration time in your system.

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85-GHS / BLS SERIES, 532 nm OR 457 nm

Compact, high power, highly manufactureable lasers available at 532 or 437 nm.

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85-YCA SERIES, 561 nm 
Superior beam quality in a compact 561 nm laser.


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Stable, Reliable Solid-state Laser Sources