Design Validation 

Melles Griot conducts design validation through both theoretical modeling and prototyping. Our rigorous tolerancing and design simulation results in prototypes and products without surprises. By applying our intimate knowledge of all aspects of the production process we are able to thoroughly vet designs before fabrication orders are ever issued. Our design validation takes into account the uncertainties that come from real world manufacturing environments and ensures that products will meet all expectations. This phase allows for trade-off analysis to be done so that tolerances and compensators can be defined scientifically rather than relying on “rule of thumb” or a “gut feel.”

In most cases, prototypes built by Melles Griot can be used as first article leading to production. With in-house capabilities in metals fabrication, element fabrication, coating, diamond turning, precision assembly and metrology, Melles Griot has the resources necessary for success. Direct control of critical items is a key factor in our ability to maintain tight schedules while affording flexibility during development. 

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