Highest Performance Optical Coatings

Melles Griot can produce a variety of thin film coatings, including anti-reflection, enhanced reflection, beam-splitter, filter, polarization-optimized and high fluence level coatings. Our coating technology ranges from standard e-beam to the Leybold SyrusPro™ DUV-optimized thin-film deposition system with APS™, the highest performance plasma source available in the industry.

SpecificationConv. E-Beam Typical/BestIAD Typical/BestAPS Typical/Best
Max. Lens Size (mm)370 370 317 
Random Physical Thickness Error (%) <0.5 <0.3 <0.3 
Random Optical Thickness Error (%) <0.3 <0.2 <0.2 
Run to Run Centering (%/%) 0.5/0.2 0.1/0.2 0.05/0.02 
Planetary Uniformity (%/%) <0.6 <0.3 <0.05 
Wet-Dry Shift (%/%) 0.8/0.5 0.1/0.03 0.05/0.02 
Absorption (%/%) <0.15/<0.05 <0.1/0.05 0.08/<0.02 
Scatter (%/%) <0.15/<0.1 <0.1/0.05 0.08/<0.03 
Surface RMS Roughness (Å/Å) 8/5 5/3 4/2 

Coating technologies used at Melles Griot: E-Beam Thermal Evaporation, Ion Assisted Deposition (IAD), and Advanced Plasma Source (APS) Deposition

Melles Griot designs and manufactures a large variety of custom coatings in low to high volume quantities ranging from DUV (193 nm) to Mid IR (3200 nm). All Melles Griot custom coatings offer an excellent combination of high performance, shift-free spectra, high laser damage and low absorption. Our anti-reflection coatings with R<0.03% and high-reflection mirrors with R>99.95% are ideal for multi-wavelength and very broadband and high angle of incidence applications.

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