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7 Key Ways We Engineer Your Success

Melles Griot is committed to your product and business success like no other photonics company in the world. For life science, medical, imaging, semiconductor and defense customers worldwide, the Melles Griot team helps engineer your success. Here are 7 key ways we deliver this commitment to you.

1. Collaborative Design – Collaborative design is at the heart of the Melles Griot commitment. You work with our senior engineers and project specialists from the first day onward, as we collaborate with you to design a custom laser or optical system solution that meets your requirements for performance, cost, manufacturability and quality. By working closely with you throughout the design process, we ensure your project’s success from birth throughout the lifetime of the project. 

2. Strong Technology – Melles Griot has specialized in photonic technology for more than 50 years, and owns hundreds of patents in lasers and optical systems. As a full-service provider of photonic solutions, our technology extends far beyond the optical or laser system itself, to the lifecycle success of your product. We apply the latest technology from design through prototyping and on to volume manufacturing. In every respect, from first designs through lifecycle manufacturing support, Melles Griot has the technology to deliver the solutions you need

3. Global Resources – World-class engineers, multiple manufacturing facilities and global supply chains ensure that we can support your product anywhere you do business. Wherever you design and build your product, we will be there with you to ensure its success through direct technical advice and local customer service and manufacturing.

4. Deep Experience – Our engineers and technical staff have years of product, application and process experience in a range of industries. This experience pays off at every stage of product development, manufacture and support, because we understand the product attributes that are important to your application and we know what it takes to deliver and maintain a high-quality solution. 

5. Uncompromising Quality – Melles Griot designs, manufactures and supports the highest quality optical components and integrated optical-mechanical solutions. From the earliest stages of design, we plan for quality in terms of product performance, manufacturability and reliability. We conduct design validation through both theoretical modeling and prototyping, and our rigorous tolerancing and design simulation results in prototypes and products without surprises.

6. Unmatched Expertise – Melles Griot maintains an extensive depth of technological and applications expertise. Our seasoned design and development teams represent disciplines in laser physics, optical design, thin-film coating technology, mechanical and thermal management, electronics, software development, manufacturing, and quality engineering. In total, more than a third of our employees are highly qualified engineers and scientists. This expertise becomes part of your design team, as we work collaboratively with you to bring your product to market.

7. Lifecycle Support – Melles Griot provides customer service and support throughout the lifecycle of supplied products. We’re with you from first designs all the way to the end of your product’s lifecycle, and this support is available around the world through our global offices and support teams. This support includes design for manufacture, production and supply chain management, and ongoing product support. Read more about our support here.

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