Defense, Security & Sensing Markets

In these critical markets, optical and laser systems must perform reliably and accurately, time after time. With more than 50 years serving the defense industry, Melles Griot is a proven partner to industry-leading OEMs.

We specialize in laser and optical components and systems used in VIS to IR imaging, optical guidance and targeting. We also have extensive expertise in developing custom shutters for IR-imaging systems that are typically used in defense and security applications.

Our ISO certified manufacturing plants, with state-of-the-art validation and testing technology, ensure that our optical solutions will meet the highest standards for reliability and performance.

Typical Applications

Melles Griot’s lasers, optical components, lens assemblies and fully integrated systems are used in a wide range of security and defense applications. We provide complete support for reflective or refractive optics, calibration and exposure shutters in such applications as weapons and vehicle sights, laser range finders, personnel portable vision, unmanned aerial vehicles, commercial security and surveillance, automotive driver enhancement and public safety first response.

Our solutions include:

  • Optical components for day and night vision sights
  • Laser rangefinder components
  • IR objectives
  • Optical shutters

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