Industrial Markets

Laser and optical systems are increasingly used in industrial processes for inspection and process control, helping manufacturers improve quality and reduce costs through automation. High-resolution digital cameras are commonly used as camera sizes and costs decrease. Each new development and application in machine vision raises the bar for optical performance.

Melles Griot is a major resource for professionals working with machine vision systems. Our engineers understand the precision and accuracy required of optical systems, and we know how to deliver the precision and accuracy for the most demanding industrial applications.

Typical Applications

Melles Griot’s lasers, optical components, lens assemblies and fully integrated systems are used in a wide range of industrial applications. We provide complete support for reflective and refractive input optics, F-Theta lenses and shutters used for machine vision, building Inspection and industrial maintenance. Our solutions for material processing include specialty objectives for laser ablation that have been corrected for both operational and vision channels.

Our solutions include:

  • F-Theta Lenses
  • Beam Expanders
  • Relay Optics
  • High Damage Threshold Components
  • Custom Optical Assemblies

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