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Melles Griot designs and manufactures optical and laser solutions for the most demanding applications in life science and medical instrumentation, including microscopy, flow cytometry, DNA sequencing, hematology and analytical instrumentation. Our customers include many of the leading names in life sciences.

With our own ISO 9001-certified manufacturing facilities, thorough validation and testing, and decades-long commitment to life sciences, we know how to deliver optical solutions with the high quality and precision you require.

To learn more about Melles Griot high-performance & cost-competitive optical solutions: Download our Custom Microscope Objectives Data Sheet.

Typical Applications

Microscopy. Melles Griot customers use our optical solutions for traditional microscopy as well as advanced imaging applications. Our custom lens assemblies and systems address a wide range of fields of view (FOV), wavelengths and resolution requirements for in vitro and in vivo optical microscopy. They are precisely crafted to ensure optimal and reliable image content for each specific application, and can exceed your most challenging requirements – such as diffraction-limited and distortion-free imaging performance with high-NA and very wide FOV. Our solutions can include laser light sources (405 ─ 780nm), monolithic light engines, filter wheels, shutters, beamsplitters, prisms, dichroic mirrors, dichroic filters, microscope objective lenses, adjustable or fixed tube lenses, and custom optical assemblies. For camera and standard light microscopes, we can provide beamsplitters, prisms and objective lenses for illumination.

Flow Cytometry. In this application, cells are analyzed as they flow, one at a time, through a capillary or flow cell where they are exposed to a focused beam of laser light. The cell then scatters the light energy onto a detector or array of detectors. The pattern and intensity of the scattered energy is used to determine cell characteristics such as size and shape. For these applications, Melles Griot product offerings include diode and DPSS lasers (400 – 780nm), monolithic light engines, fiber coupled lasers, dichroic mirrors (350 – 1300nm), dichroic optical filters and custom optical excitation and collection assemblies.

DNA Sequencing. In DNA research, microarrays of DNA molecules are tagged with specific fluorochromes and then probed by a variety of laser wavelengths at or near the excitation band of specific protein tags. The resulting fluorescence is measured and the fluorescence, position and sequence data are stored in a computer database for analysis. Melles Griot provides a variety of optical solutions for DNA sequencing, including diode and DPSS light sources (lasers) (400 – 780nm), monolithic light engines, fiber coupled lasers, excitation filters, emission dichroic filters, objective lenses, custom optical assemblies and precision excitation optics.

Hematology. Melles Griot provides a wide range of standard and custom solutions for hematology applications. The precision and cost of our solutions make them a popular choice for OEMs serving the medical diagnostic marketplace. Our solutions can include laser light sources (400 – 780nm), monolithic light engines, fiber coupled lasers, filter wheels, shutters, dichroic mirrors, dichroic filters, objective lenses and custom optical assemblies.

Fluorescence Imaging. Melles Griot optical systems are used in a wide variety of fluorescence imaging applications including confocal microscopy, in-vivo confocal microscopy, DNA sequencing and research. This technology is often used to monitor transgene expression, progression of infection, tumor growth and metastasis, transplantation, toxicology, viral infections and gene therapy. Melles Griot solutions can include laser light sources, monolithic light engines, excitation filters, emission filters, objective lenses, custom excitation assemblies, detection optical assemblies and shutters.

Spectroscopy. FT-IR and FT-Raman spectroscopy are techniques used to obtain an infrared spectrum of absorption, emission, photoconductivity or Raman scattering of a solid, liquid or gas. An FT-IR spectrometer simultaneously collects spectral data in a wide spectral range. Melles Griot offers objective lenses, custom optical assemblies and many gas and solid state lasers for use in spectroscopy.

Ophthalmology. In retinal scanning, a biometric identifier known as a retinal scan is used to map the unique patterns of a person’s retina. The blood vessels within the retina absorb light more readily than the surrounding tissue and are easily identified with appropriate lighting. Other applications within ophthalmology include retinopathy where blood vessels on the retina are cauterized to reduce blood flow on damaged retinas. Melles Griot offers several products for this application, including objective lenses, custom optical assemblies, laser light sources, monolithic light engines, fiber coupled lasers, custom optics and dichroic filters.

Solutions include:

  • UV through NIR laser offering
  • Monolithic light engines
  • Multiple laser beam combinations
  • Custom laser beam parameters
  • Custom components
  • Imaging subsystems
  • Correction optics
  • Custom objectives from UV to NIR
  • High-NA wide-FOV microscope objectives
  • Custom optical assemblies
  • Custom excitation optical assemblies
  • Custom detection optical assemblies

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