Semiconductor Markets

Melles Griot serves the semiconductor market with high-precision optics used in a variety of inspection and imaging applications, including defect review, wafer inspection, thin film metrology and lithographic metrology.

We maintain our own ISO certified plants, equipped with the most advanced validation and testing systems, ensuring that we provide the precision and reliability that semiconductor company’s demand. With years of experience in the semiconductor industry, our application experts can help you develop the right solution for your requirements.

Typical Applications

Melles Griot engineers will design the optimum system for your specialized application. The solutions designed may include any combination of modulated light sources, custom laser beam geometries, steering mirrors, beamsplitters, projection lenses, collimating lenses, reflective or refractive optics, visible and UV mirrors, filter wheels, shutters and other custom optical assemblies.

Optical Metrology Systems can be used for metrology/inspection of the semiconductor manufacturing process, to measure semiconductor substrates and to inspect masks. Melles Griot can provide a multitude of optical solutions for this application which may include lasers, beam steering mirrors, beamsplitters, polarizers, retro-reflectors, projection lenses and collimating lenses.

Front-End Wafer Inspection involves examining thin slices of silicon that will ultimately end up as layers in processors, microprocessor and semiconductors. Fast and effective imaging technology, on the scale of nanometers, is important for this inspection method. Imaging techniques such as bright-field and dark-field microscopy/nanoscopy utilize our custom objectives and integrated optical solutions.

Back-End Inspection examines defects after the layers of wafers have been assembled. For this type of imaging, it is important to be able to observe nano-scale particles in three dimensions, as a defect could occur in any of the many layers.

Long Wave IR is a method of inspecting many wafer layers simultaneously, as silicon is transparent to long IR waves.

Deep Ultra Violet Inspection is a highly sensitive method of wafer inspection which detects both front-end and back-end defects.

Solutions include:

  • High NA objectives from DUV to NIR
  • Beam conditioning optics
  • Optical illumination systems
  • Integrated optical solutions
  • Lasers for photomask alignment
  • Lasers for ellipsometers

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