A World of Support, at Your Service

Melles Griot provides customer service and support throughout the lifecycle of supplied products. We’re with you from first designs all the way to the end of your product’s lifecycle, and this support is available around the world through our global offices and support teams.

Design for manufacture

Our support begins with our design-for-manufacture approach to product development. Drawing on our deep experience in manufacturing photonic systems, we’re able to help you develop a product that achieves your goals for performance, cost, manufacturability and reliability.

Production and supply chain management

We also support you with cost-effective manufacturing and an extensive range of product performance characterization tools result in proven solutions that help you compete in the marketplace. We have unique manufacturing methods which enable us to offer a distinct combination of quality, flexibility, and affordability. Our strong supply chain management skills will help you manage your work in process, inventory levels, time to market and final product quality.

Ongoing product support

Our customer service and engineering teams are well trained on providing application support, warranty, and post warranty services and repair. Our efforts don’t stop there. We develop an ongoing partnership so that we are ready to support your next platform as well. We offer:

  • Installation support
  • Personnel training
  • Troubleshooting
  • Product repair and upgrade

From first designs to product retirement, Melles Griot is committed to supporting your success. Contact our team to get started today.

Optical Systems Group
Phone: 585-244-7220 

Laser Group
Phone: 760-438-2131